Peace & Blessings! I am Skip

Owner, C.E.O & Head Stud-in-Charge of PRIDIZM!

Here @ PRIDIZM we are all about the rainbow! Pride + “Izm” means we take “pride” & being proud to the highest heights! Therefore-


I used to attend all pridefests & parades in the NYC

area. I even had the honor to be a marshal @ The NYC Pride Parade! I never believed that rainbows & rainbow merchandise should only come out in Pride Month… should have rainbows – on “any & everything” whenever & wherever you want!

My entrepreneurial spirit got ahold of me & I started walking the parade route with flags in my arms. But I always wanted to be “bigger & better” & “do more-be more” then everyone else! I started researching & buying better rainbow goods & just having items in my arms wasn’t good enough – enter the cart!! I pushed that cart for many years along parade routes but I still wanted to do more & be more!